Тест на определение уровня

Имя *

1 модуль 

Пример выполнения. Изначально задание выглядит так: (to do) you like coffee?
Надо просто правильно раскрыть скобки, например так: do you like coffee?

Вот пример правильного и неправильного выполнения:
❓ Вопрос: Where (to be) you from?
⛔️ Неправильный ответ: i am from Kazakhstan
✅ Правильный ответ: Where are you from?

Если не знаете что ответить – ничего страшного, просто поставьте прочерк

1. Hi! My name (to be) Sofia. *
2. They (not / to live) in England *
3. Where (to be) you from? *
4. Sue (not / to work) in an office. She works in a hospital. *
5. She (to wear) a new dress today. *
6. Where (to be) you (to go) on holiday next summer? *
7. When (to be) you born? *
8. Where (to do) you work? *
9. (to do) John live in London? Yes, he (to do) *
10. He (not / to go) to the cinema last night *

2 модуль 

1. (She / work)? No, she is on holiday *
2. Robert (usually / to go) away two or three times a year. *
3. It was a boring weekend. I (to do) anything *
4. Everything is going well. We (to have) any problem so far *
5. You are out of breath. (To run) ? *
6. Sally has been working here (six month) *
7. (To work) tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere *
8. Cathy was sitting in an arm chair resting. She was tired because *
9. (she / to work) very hard *
10. Don't worry (if / I / to be) late tonight. *
11. She tried to be serious, but she couldn't help (to laugh) *
12. There is somebody walking behind us. I think (we / to be / to follow) *
13. Where (you / to cut / your hair)? Which hairdresser did you go to? *
14. You can always rely on Peter. He will never (???) *
15. The chemist's was open, so luckily (can OR be able to) I buy some aspirin *